How to Mirror an iPhone to a TV

Did you know that you can use your iPhone through your TV? If your smart TV is AirPlay 2 compatible, you can stream content from your iPhone to your TV. What you see on your iPhone screen is also visible on your TV. We encourage you to read the following article to find out how […]

How to Cancel a Subscription from Apple?

Subscriptions are one of the modern payment methods, meaning that you pay a certain amount of money every certain time (usually monthly). This type of payment has become prevalent over the last few years, and it’s not hard to find apps that offer a subscription model. Apps such as YouTube, Apple Music, Tidal, Netflix, Hulu, […]

How does Apple TV work?

Are you looking for a different streaming platform than Netflix? Here we are coming with the Apple TV+, a streaming platform from Apple, with a lot of films, TV shows, and live content. Check for this brief article about Apple’s platform of amusement and get to know how does it work, what is its price […]