How to Change the Font Size on iPhone 14?

Personalizing our iPhones is key to enjoying them as much as possible. It is worthwhile to customize all options so that they are convenient for us. One of the options available to configure and customize for yourself is to change the size of the font displayed on our iPhone 14. Perhaps you would like the […]

How to Take a Screenshot on iPhone 14?

Screenshots is a very useful feature that allows you to save what is currently displayed on the screen in the form of an image. Of course, this means that you can, for example, later send such a picture to someone to share what you had displayed on your iPhone. Learn how to take a screenshot […]

How to Scan QR Codes on iPhone 14?

QR codes are special barcodes that store information that is read by machines. Typically, these types of codes contain links that lead to a specific website or application. Today, we can find them in many places, even on beverage bottles. Of course, our iPhones are capable of detecting and reading such a code. If you […]

How to Power On/Off iPhone 14?

The basic thing we should be able to do on our iPhone 14 is to turn it on as well as off. If you have just become the owner of a new smartphone from Apple, you most likely just need to power it on. On the other hand, you may have found yourself in a […]

How to Add Widgets to the Home Screen on iPhone 14?

A widget is an application element that is usually larger than the application icon itself. However, it provides some information from the app, so we can access certain things without having to open it. Widgets are placed in the home screen, making them quickly accessible. The simplest example of a widget is a watch, which […]