Today, we will be sharing some tips about regular care of your AirPods. If you are using them for a part of the time, you ought to know how to cleanse the ear tips to maintain the pure music sound. In this article, you will find a way to take care of their quality and disinfect them to get rid of any germs. Here are the best methods to freshen up your AirPods.

What about the water-resistance of AirPods? Mind that they aren’t waterproof, so make sure don’t get moisture them.

In this article you will find out how to:

How to clean ear tips of AirPods?

Remember that AirPods aren’t absolutely waterproof, so try not to cover them up with any liquids such as soaps, shampoos, or any other household cleaners. After cleaning, allow them to dry, don’t use or charge them if they are still wet. Below, we are posting the instruction to assist you with the whole cleaning process.

How to freshen up AirPods ear tips?

  1. In the very beginning, prepare AirPods and pull off both ear tips.
  2. Then, rinse them up carefully under the running water. Using a 70 percent isopropyl alcohol wipe is also allowed.
  3. Next, wipe them off tenderly with a cotton cloth, then let them dry completely.
  4. To successfully accomplish the process, align them and click ear tips back on each AirPod.

How to clean Charging Case of AirPods?

Similar rules work for the AirPods Charging Case. To avoid damaging the gentle surfaces of the Charging Case, pick only cotton slightly dampened cloths. It’s worth mentioning that using a 70 percent isopropyl alcohol wipe is also allowed. Remember to clear any dust from the ports only with a soft brush, and try not to put anything else in the charging ports.

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