Counterfeit AirPods Pro bear a surprising resemblance to the original Apple product. While the packaging of non-original AirPods Pro is becoming more and more like the original, there are still small but noticeable differences that can help you determine if the product is genuine. Find out below which elements of a product’s packaging you should pay close attention to in order to be verify its originality. Not every item listed below needs to stand out. Some parts of the packaging of fake AirPods Pro may be in a very good quality and look almost identical to the original packaging. However, if at least one of the following packaging features’ condition resembles the one described here, you can be sure that the product is not genuine.

How to spot a fake AirPods Pro by the packaging?

1. The pull tab

Something to look out for first and foremost is the pull tab of the plastic wrap. Although fake Apple products are now more likely to have this, the lack of a pull tab is a strong indication that the product is not genuine.

2. The font

The font on non-original packaging is usually thinner and/or smaller. Apple usually uses its own font, which is San Francisco. Sometimes it is difficult to recognise differences in font without direct comparison with the original box. However, with deeper analysis it is possible.

3. The plastic outer wrap

Apple’s original packaging is wrapped neatly in plastic. Admittedly, there may be some minor imperfections even in the genuine product, but this is very rare. If the plastic wrap has marks, rough edges and generally looks messy, you can be sure it’s not an original product. In addition, it is worth remembering that the original Apple AirPods do not have a visible seam around the plastic wrap.

4. The Serial Number Label

Apple labels the original packaging with model-specific information. It includes the full model name, bar code, serial number, and some additional information. If the sticker is not sticked evenly, there is a high probability that the product is counterfeit. In the case of genuine products, this sticker is placed evenly and any possible irregularity is very slight.

5. The instruction manual

One of the most noticeable differences between a genuine and a fake Apple product may be the user manual. In the case of the genuine AirPods Pro, the manual has rounded edges. Such a detail can easily be overlooked when counterfeiting a product as well as when verifying originality because the user manual is rarely checked. If the edges of the AirPods Pro manual are sharp, it is a fake product.

6. Verify the Serial Number

On our website you can verify the serial number written on the product packaging. Enter the serial number in our Apple Serial Number Lookup to check whether the product exists in the database and, if so, whether the product retrieved actually matches the actual information.

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