How to Connect iPhone 14 to Wi-Fi Network?

If you finally own iPhone 14 then you should definitely know how to connect to Wi-Fi. When we want to use the Internet on our iPhone, we have to be careful not to do it without being connected to Wi-Fi. This may result in a loss of data transfer. Running out of data will slow […]

How to Turn On the Hotspot on iPhone

By activating a hotspot, you can share your Internet on your iPhone with other nearby devices. When you activate your personal hotspot, your iPhone will create its own network, so others can connect to your Internet via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or USB. In this article, you will find instructions to find the hotspot feature on your […]

How to use a Wi-Fi connection on Apple Watch?

Do you know how to use a Wi-Fi connection on Apple Watch while your iPhone isn’t within easy reach? Come along with related step-by-step instructions to easily choose a Wi-Fi network and connect your Apple Watch to. You need only remember that your Apple Watch can’t connect to public Wi-Fi networks protected with logins or […]