Magic Keyboard is an interesting solution for people who prefer the comfort of typing to using a touchscreen. If you own an iPad and would like to type using a physical keyboard, Magic Keyboard is the accessory that you are looking for. Make typing easier and discover how to connect Magic Keyboard to your iPad. Continue reading this article to learn how to set up your Magic Keyboard and how to pair it with iPad via Bluetooth.

How to Set Up Magic Keyboard on iPad?

  1. Place the Magic Keyboard on a flat surface with the hinge facing away from you and the Apple logo at the top.
  2. Open the cover. The top of the lid will tilt away from you.
  3. Continue tilting the lid until it’s at the right angle or can’t be opened any further.
  4. Place your iPad on the Magic Keyboard. The rear lens should be in the upper left corner so that it is visible through the notch in the Magic Keyboard.

How to Connect Magic Keyboard to iPad via Bluetooth?

Note: If your keyboard is already connected to another device, it needs to be disconnected from it.

  1. Turn on your keyboard and go to the settings on your iPad.
  2. Choose Bluetooth.
  3. Turn on Bluetooth.
  4. Choose Magic Keyboard in the Other Devices section to pair it with your iPad.

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