How to Enable Auto Correction on iPhone?

Nowadays, iPhones as well as similar devices are equipped with many functions that help with texting. One of the most popular options is the autocorrect function, which is a feature that detects spelling errors and corrects words on its own. As a result, we don’t have to pay too much attention to correctness when writing […]

How to Connect Magic Keyboard to iPad?

Magic Keyboard is an interesting solution for people who prefer the comfort of typing to using a touchscreen. If you own an iPad and would like to type using a physical keyboard, Magic Keyboard is the accessory that you are looking for. Make typing easier and discover how to connect Magic Keyboard to your iPad. […]

How to right-click on Mac?


Are you struggling with the intuitive clicks and scrolling gestures on your Mac? Or maybe you are looking for a different manner to perform a right-click. Here we are coming with instructions about how to deal with right-clicks on your Mac’s trackpad or on the Apple Magic Mouse, which actually has no standard buttons. In […]