Are you a person who tends to forget where the keys might be around too often? Here we are coming with a perfect solution for you! Come along with the following information to find out more about Apple AirTag localizer to apply it to your everyday life and use as your key ring equipped with geolocation services.

When you attach Apple AirTag to your valuable items, it helps localize their current position on the map.

What is an Apple AirTag?

An Apple AirTag is a lightweight localizer designed by Apple that allows you to track your misplaced stuff on the radar using the Find My app. It was created especially to prevent your valuable items such as backpack or keys from unfortunate loss and to help localize their current position on the map at once. Each AirTag uses a replaceable battery that is designed to last about a year of usage without charging.

How to connect Apple AirTag to iPhone?

  1. Firstly, activate the battery in your Apple AirTag by removing the strap and wait for it to play a specific sound.
  2. Secondly, hold up close AirTag to your iPhone or iPad device you would like to connect it with.
  3. Thirdly, to register AirTag select its name from the emerged list.
  4. Then, confirm this operation by double-clicking Continue button.
  5. Next, tap on Done.
  6. Great! You have successfully set up your AirTag.

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