Would you like to know if the iPhone you plan to buy has SIMLOCK, a blockade limiting the use of the device with other networks? What are the methods to check if the iPhone is unlocked or has an active SIMLOCK? How to verify a locked iPhone? In today’s article, we will introduce you to the methods by which you will be able to find out whether the iPhone model you are interested in has a SIMLOCK blockade.

Looking at the device, we are not able to tell if the phone is locked or unlocked, because the Apple manufacturer has reserved the right to mark its devices over the network in which it is blocked. An iPhone that you purchase through an Apple Authorized Retailer is unlocked by default, but if the device is bundled with the service as part of an ongoing network plan, it will be blocked in advance for the period specified in the contract. So if you buy a second-hand iPhone, you are not sure that it is unlocked, always such a device should be verified in this regard to avoid later disappointments and not incur additional costs related to the fee for removing the lock. Check out the methods below that will allow you to make sure the verified iPhone is unlocked.

Check SIMLOCK blockade using iPhone’s Settings

  1. First, unlock your iPhone and go to the Settings app.
  2. Then select Mobile Data (or Cellular).
  3. Now, press Mobile Data Options (or Cellular Data instead).
  4. At this moment, have a look at Mobile Data Network. If you have this option, the iPhone should be unlocked, as this option should not appear on a locked iPhone.

Check SIMLOCK blockade using a SIM card

To check if the iPhone is locked in a network for which the current SIM card is active, you just need to try to activate the iPhone with a completely different SIM card from a different service provider. If you are unable to make a call and cellular data is not available after activating the new SIM card, iPhone is locked.

Contact Network Provider

One option may be to contact the temporary service provider. All you need to do is provide the operator with the IMEI number of the iPhone (How to check the IMEI number?), and the network operator will be able to determine on this basis whether SIMLOCK is still active or has expired after the expiry of the contract for mobile services.

Use Online IMEI Checker

There are many websites on the internet that offer iPhone lock check services. Most of them are paid. If, on the other hand, you are planning to buy a used device from Apple online, this may be the only way to verify whether an iPhone has a network blockade. All you have to do is obtain the IMEI number of the device you plan to purchase and check the status of the SIMLOCK blockade via a website providing such services.

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