Did you know that behind the marketing names of the iPhone there is a properly rewritten character configuration, which is the same as its model number? Typically, the average iPhone user does not realize that behind the name, for example, iPhone 12, is the model name assigned to it. If, on the other hand, you have an Apple smartphone, it is worth knowing what model you have so that, if necessary, you even know where to look for it. This model number is especially useful in case you want to get a wide range of technical specifications for your device. Below you will find how to locate such a model number and what each of its digits means.

What does the Model Number mean?

There are two methods in the Apple device numbering scheme:

  • In the first one, it is a five-digit alphanumeric string that begins with the letter A followed by four digits.
  • In the second method of labeling devices, it is a five-digit alphanumeric string, usually starting with the letter M, although it may vary depending on the device model. It happens that “LL / A”, the so-called Stock Keeping Unit (SKU), appears at the end of this number.

The designation “A” is used to generally describe a model family or its version when the SKU is used to describe a specific configuration of that model. In summary, “A” is the general identifier of the device and the SKU is the detailed information, for example, about the memory of the device.

How’s your iPhone Model Number?

  • iPhone 8 and higher
    • Location “A” and SKU
      Go to Settings and select General, then locate Information, scroll down the screen to click Model Number.
  • Older than iPhone 8
    • Location “A”
      It is located on the back of the device. So, flip the iPhone over and look for the fine print called “iPhone” labeled “Model“.
    • SKU code location
      Go to Settings and select General, then go to Information, scroll down to Model and verify your iPhone’s alphanumeric number.

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