When you think that APPLE will not surprise you with anything more, just look at what is happening. We have a pleasure to present the latest APPLE release, iOS 14. It is the best of all firmware so far. The number of new products compared to the predecessor is very delightful, and the system itself in some actions change beyond recognition. iOS 14 hits all iPhones from version 6s up.

Check out our top 10 of iOS 14 changes

We listed some of the most important and impressive updates below.
Read, learn, use and enjoy!

  1. App Library
  2. Smaller Connections Window
  3. Information on the use of the camera and microphone
  4. Picture in picture
  5. New Memoji Types
  6. Messages Pinning
  7. New Safari Options
  8. Car Opening Feature


Wading through the icons of installed applications is sometimes tiring. Actually.. it was, because from now on, once iOS 14 has been released, the Application Library function appears! The system intelligently combines them into categories, such as Social, Games or Recently Added. Thanks to them, you can find the desired programs faster, and the whole display looks clean and nice.


Another coveted novelty – the connections window will no longer cover the entire view, but it will appear in the form of a tiny strip at the top. No matter if it’s about Face Time, Phone Dialer or Messenger, it all looks the same. The minimalistic mode is super cool, you will love it!


Here we’ve got one of the best features! Apple once again emphasizes the essence of our privacy. This time, if we give the app permission to use the camera and microphone, we’ll know exactly when it’s using them. So if any of the installed apps eavesdrop on us, we will be the first to know about it!


So far, multitasking in iOS has not worked super properly… if it did at all. Once we wanted to write on Messenger, we had to forget about watching YouTube videos and vice versa. From now on, all kinds of multimedia can be minimized to a tiny window. We can minimalize not only about movies but also about video calls or any other apps!


With the new firmware, Apple has prepared 20 new emoji patterns. There are new hairstyles and hats that reflect your style. Now your avatar will reflect not only your face but also your passions or lifestyle.


In the main chat application, we can pin the most used contacts now. What’s more, if someone writes something to us – the message will appear above their avatar in real-time. Coooool, isn’t it?


iOS users praise Safari for its high speed and security. Now, with this brand new update, iOS 14 adds some new features, such as translating pages into several languages. The browser has been optimized even better, and in the settings, there are more details about the information which pages retrieve from us and where they’ve been sent further.


And one more super interesting tool. In addition to payment cards or train tickets, you can now also add a card that unlocks your car to the Wallet application. Thus, with iOS 14 it is possible to open the vehicle via iPhone.

Most of the Apple family members have praised the iOS system, but at the same time complained about the lack of some functions that could be found in Android. And finally, it is over! To the joy of all iPhone and iPad users, all those previously missed functions run perfectly on iOS 14.

So, do not hesitate, keep your system up-to-date and enjoy the latest features on your phone.

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