How to Close Running Apps on iPhone 14?

Normal closing of an application does not turn the application completely off. When you close the app as usual, it still runs in the background. This is useful when you want to return to the same application after a while. Instead of turning it on again from the beginning, the application restores itself to the […]

How to Close Running Apps on any iPhone?

Unfortunately, apps can occasionally crash, turn off on their own, or freeze. Sometimes in such cases it is difficult to simply reopen the application to make it function normally. It is then a good idea to go to App Switcher and turn off the app. Similarly, if your iPhone is slower than usual, it may […]

How to Force Quit on Mac?


Are you experiencing a freezing application on your Mac device? Does a wait cursor appear to let you know that one of your apps has crashed? Looking for a way to force close the unresponsive problematic app? Usually, you know which application is not responding because it will hang and you will not be able […]