Greetings, iPhone 15 users! Are you tired of that mirror effect in your front camera selfies? You’re not alone. In this article, we’ll show you how to manage and control the front camera mirror effect on your iPhone 15. Say goodbye to flipped images and hello to perfect selfies!

How to Manage Front Camera Mirror on iOS 17?

    1. Open the Camera App: Unlock your iPhone 15 and find the Camera app. Tap to open it.
    2. Switch to Selfie Mode: Swipe the camera mode to switch to the front-facing selfie camera.
    3. Access the Editing Options: After taking a selfie, tap on the image preview at the bottom left corner to access editing options.
    4. Select the Crop Tool: In the editing menu, select the crop tool, which is represented by a square with arrows.
    5. Flip the Photo: In the crop tool, you’ll see a flip icon – it looks like two arrows pointing left and right. Tap this icon to flip your image.
    6. Save Your Edited Selfie: Once you’ve flipped the image, tap “Done” to save the edited selfie. The mirror effect is now controlled!


There you have it, a simple guide to managing the front camera mirror effect on your iPhone 15. No more worrying about mirrored selfies – you’re in control! Stay tuned for more iPhone 15 tips and tricks to enhance your smartphone experience. Until next time, keep snapping those perfect selfies!