Tired of important notifications getting lost in the digital abyss of your iPhone? Fret not, as we unveil the secret to elevating your notification game! Discover how to effortlessly move those vital pings and alerts right to the top of your screen, ensuring you never miss a beat again.

How to Prioritize Notifications on iOS?

    1. Unlock your iPhone and head straight to the home screen.
    2. Access the Settings.
    3. Scroll down a bit and tap on Notifications.
    4. Choose the app you want to prioritize notifications for.
    5. Toggle on the Allow Notifications switch if it’s not on already.
    6. Ta-da! Here comes the magic – tap on Notification Grouping.
    7. Select By App to bundle notifications from the same app together.
    8. With a final flourish, enable the Persistent option to ensure notifications stay put at the top.
    9. Exit the settings and relish the newfound power of top-tier notifications!


Gone are the days of frantic scrolling and missed updates – you’re now the captain of your iPhone’s notification realm. By harnessing these simple steps, you’ve taken the first-class seat to notification nirvana. Stay atop every buzz, ding, and ping, and let nothing escape your eagle-eyed attention. Elevate your iPhone experience today!