Unveil the enchanting world of photography with a touch of magic as we delve into the art of capturing long-exposure photos on your iPhone. Whether you’re a photography enthusiast or a curious beginner, this guide will walk you through the steps to transform ordinary scenes into mesmerizing works of art. Say goodbye to static snapshots and welcome the dynamic allure of long-exposure photography right at your fingertips.

How to Take Long-Exposure Photo on iOS?

    1. Open your Camera App.
    2. Activate Live Photo Feature.
    3. Grab your desired picture.
    4. Open the Gallery and select this photo.
    5. Click on options, in the left upper corner.
    6. Select Long Exposure.
    7. That’s it! Enjoy!

Remember, not all Live Photos are suitable for the long-exposure effect, so feel free to experiment with different Live Photos to see which ones yield the most impressive results.


With the power of long-exposure photography in your hands, you’re equipped to turn fleeting moments into timeless art pieces. Let your creativity flow and experiment with this captivating technique. Whether you’re capturing flowing water, streaking lights, or ethereal movements, the results are bound to be enchanting. Stay tuned for more photography insights and unleash the full potential of your iPhone’s camera!