America’s air quality has massively deteriorated recently. In 2020, nearly 137 million people breathed in high air pollution levels, and this trend is only rising. Of course, it’s troublesome. Everyone’s health and mental peace are at risk. Amid ongoing stressful life, it can be hard for you to stay at home and do nothing, especially when summer vacations have started. But how do you go outdoors with your loved ones and throw yourselves out to the side effects of polluted air? You can keep everyone safe by selecting a safe holiday destination. If you live in a city with unhealthy air quality, it will also be an opportunity for you all to seek pure fresh air outside of it. What can be your best option?

You can think about a rich beach destination like Alaska. The American state has coveted locations like Homer Spit Beach, Sandy Beach, and Kenai Beach. All three enjoy clean air, but the famous Homer Spit Beach is even better at an AQI of 11. Visit for an idea. Let’s find out why locals and tourists like Homer Spit Beach.

Homer Spit Beach

The picturesque Alaskan town of Homer is a proud location of this beach that offers some fascinating glimpses of natural beauty and an opportunity to soothe your body and mind. The sandy beach is more than four miles long, affording the eye-catchy views of snow-laden Kenai Mountains peaks and Kachemak Bay. You can spend your entire day on the beach enjoying the surrounding views, strolling, and trying recreational activities like fishing and kayaking. In the backdrop of rich scenery, you can also relish the existence of abundant wildlife.

Things to do in Homer Spit Beach

Due to clean air, you, with your friends and family, can plan a day-long activity outdoors without worrying about your health. If you like some thrill, kayaking can be satiating. As you paddle through the waters, be ready to catch sight of whales, seals, and sea otters. Fishing enthusiasts seek this place because of the various catches they come across, such as cod, rockfish, halibut, and salmon. And those who want to rest can indulge in beachcombing. You can collect colorful pebbles, seashells, and driftwood. Campers also visit this place for its charm.

Best time to visit Alaska

A popular destination like Alaska is always busy. And because of having the finest air in some parts, it has become even more favorable for tourists. There will be a crowd from mid-June to mid-August. But you can still consider visiting this place for its weather. Or, you can even plan a trip around September for some relief.

Alaska straddles an area of 424 million acres, of which 57 million acres have wilderness. While it’s a large state, population density is still low in this part. Tourists and locals prefer this place for its glaciers, deep valleys, meadows, and infinite recreational activities. Whether you love adventure, scenic beauty, or solitariness, this place has something for everyone. And for summer vacations, it can be the best place. Days will often be warmer and clear.