The latest iPhone 14s include a new mode in the camera for recording videos. Apple has implemented the Action mode to help capture videos that look smooth. When recording in this mode, shakes, movements and vibrations are heavily reduced. It uses the full sensor of the camera with more overscan and advanced tilt correction. Discover for yourself how effectively Action mode stabilizes the camera and read how to activate this mode on your iPhone 14. Also, Action mode is available on all versions of the iPhone 14, so you don’t need to own the Pro or Pro Max model.

How to Enable the Action Mode on iPhone 14?

  1. Go to the Camera app.
  2. Swipe the camera mode until you enter the video mode.
  3. Above the viewfinder, press the Action mode button. The button should be yellow.
  4. Now you can record the video with the Action mode.

And that’s all it takes to start recording stable videos even while running.

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