If you are constantly inundated with Google Captcha, especially when using Google Search Engine, there are a couple of ways to get rid of it. There could be several reasons for this. Most commonly, users of Apple products experience this problem after upgrading to iOS 15 or when using a VPN. The following article discusses the topic of Google Captcha constantly appearing while browsing the internet. We recommend reading it to overcome the Google Captcha problem.

Why do I see Google Captchas all the time?

There are a few reasons why Google Captcha can appear all the time. The two most common causes are an activated VPN and Private Relay enabled. If you’re using a VPN, check to see if Google Captcha continues to appear when you turn it off. In case you are not using a VPN and you encounter Google Captcha every now and then, check if Private Relay is enabled.

What is Private Relay?

Private Relay hides your certain information when you use the web and visit websites. Information that is contained in your web traffic, for example your IP address and DNS, is not shared with the sites you access. When this feature is active, your requests are sent through two separate relays. The first, operated by Apple, receives this information and encrypts it. The second, operated by a third-party content provider, generates a temporary IP address and connects you to the site based on the decrypted name. Therefore, Private Relay protects your privacy while browsing the internet.

How to disable Private Relay?

  1. Go to the Settings app.
  2. Click on your name at the top of the settings.
  3. Now press iCloud.
  4. Choose Private Relay.
  5. Then you should see a switcher for this feature. If it’s enabled, turn it off.

Use alternative search engines

If you prefer to keep Private Relay activated, you can use other search engines that will not require Google Captcha. Here are some alternatives for you to consider:

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