What if you can not display IMEI on iPhone’s screen? Are you trying to reach IMEI number assigned to a locked iPhone? Let’s discover a handful of methods that you can use to access IMEI identification code on each iPhone. Once you receive it, you will be able to identify any device in a locked state.

If you own iPhone with an enabled iCloud Activation Lock, you only need to press on the ”I” icon to see the IMEI number.

The following information will let you to know how to:

How to locate the IMEI number on the physical device?

If iPhone is locked, you can easily check its IMEI number using the iPhone SIM tray. All you have to do is access the SIM slots to read the engraved iPhone’s IMEI and Serial Number.

How to read IMEI code on iPhone’s package box?

It’s a good idea to explore the rear of the phone’s original package box on the lookout for the device’s information label. In this place are located all of the identification numbers, including iPhone’s IMEI and Serial Number.

How to find iPhone’s IMEI number using iTunes?

  1. First of all, launch iTunes on your device.
  2. Then, locate and enter the iTunes Preferences tab.
  3. At this step, select the Summary tab.
  4. To continue, tap on your telephone number that appeared.
  5. Press on your telephone number again.
  6. Success! This will display your iPhone’s unique IMEI number.

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