Where Are All Downloaded Files?

When downloading files from the Internet, we may lose them on our phone or simply not know where they are stored and how to find them. If you have downloaded something from the Internet on your iPhone and can’t find it, read the instructions below to find out where the folder with the downloaded files […]

iPhone 14 Colors

The launch of the iPhone 14 is getting closer. It is by far the most important launch of the coming weeks. Recently, Apple has also been unable to keep the secret about the new iPhone series, so we can find many leaks about the upcoming smartphone. Now we can also find new information about the […]

iPhone Secret Codes and Hidden Menus

On iPhones, it is possible to enter certain secret codes that provide access to various hidden settings or trigger some effect. It is, of course, very difficult to discover such codes on your own, but we have prepared for you a complete list of such codes to be entered in the phone dialer. Find out […]

How to Turn On the Hotspot on iPhone

By activating a hotspot, you can share your Internet on your iPhone with other nearby devices. When you activate your personal hotspot, your iPhone will create its own network, so others can connect to your Internet via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or USB. In this article, you will find instructions to find the hotspot feature on your […]