How can you find Apple Serial Number?

Take a look at the below and learn where you can find your serial number. Actually, it can be found in several places, such as Mac OS X, the surface of the computer, receipt or invoice and the product packaging.

Where can the serial number of Mac mini be found?

About This Mac window

Simply open About This Mac window, where all details regarding your computer are posted.

Computer’s surface

  1. Turn over your Mac mini.
  2. The serial number is engraved on
    – the metal frame with a barcode (on Mac mini Mid 2010 and later)
    – a label on the edge of the bottom housing of your Mac mini (on Mac mini Original to Mac mini Late 2009)

Original product packaging

If you haven’t thrown away the original box for Mac mini, there is a possibility to find the serial number on the barcode label.

Receipt or invoice

There is a high possibility that if you still have the original invoice or receipt, the serial number is noted there. However, some retailers are not including it.