IMEI & Serial Number. What are these?

How can you find Apple Serial Number?

Each of us has heard something about both IMEI and Serial Number. Yet, most new devices’ users do not even know where they can be located, not to mention the information that can be gained thanks to them. The following article will help you in understanding what those numbers really are, how to check and take advantage of them.

What Serial Number is?

The serial number is a unique and unrepeatable set of numbers. This code describes your electronic device. It is assigned to only one device and it allows you to identify, in the described case, your smartphone or other electronic toy, APPLE gadgets included. Commonly it is used to track the products throughout the whole receiving and sales process. There is a one to one relationship between Serial Number and a particular smartphone. Only one, the original number is assigned to the particular device.

Serial Number is as unique as fingerprint or DNA code, yet there is not even one exception, as in the twin’s DNA case. Often the serial number is used for warranty or version control. These numbers are usually assigned in sequence per product or product family.

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What can I check with SN?

  • Model, Family No.
  • Machine ID, Color, Memory, Device age
  • Production date, Factory
  • Platform, Internal name, Bootrom, AKA
  • Launched, Discontinued, Unique number, IMEI Parts
  • IMEI Number

What is IMEI Number

IMEI is a shortcut for The International Mobile Equipment Identity. It is a unique number that identifies every mobile device. It’s unreplaceable and assigned to one smartphone only. It is extremely helpful in locating a lost device or checking advanced information regarding a particular phone. Police use it to find a stolen device and IMEI.Info uses it to provide you with loads of super important and essential details connected with each device.

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How to check if IMEI Number is not fake?

What is The Luhn algorithm (mod 10)?

The Luhn algorithm, created by Hans Peter Luhn – IBM scientist, is an algorithm for checking the correctness of various identification numbers. It can be applied for example to IMEI Number. If there was any mistake or random error, it would be detected by this algorithm.

How to Use the Luhn algorithm?

IMEI Number has the following structure XXXXXXXC, where XXXXXXX is the identification number (with any number of digits) and C is the check digit.

The algorithm for checking the correctness of the number secured by this method is as follows:

Starting from the digit on the right (i.e. the control digit), moving to the left doubles every second digit (i.e. the second from the right, the fourth from the right, etc.).
Once the doubled digit is greater than or equal to 10, then we add its digits. So if on an even position from the right side stands 1 then we change it to 2, if it stands 6 then we change it to 3 because 6 x 2 = 12 and now we add the numbers 1 + 2 = 3.

In practice, we just use the following table:

Number Doubled Number Sum of doubled number’s digits
0 0 0+0=0
1 2 0+2=2
2 4 0+4=4
3 6 0+6=6
4 8 0+8=8
5 10 1+0=1
6 12 1+2=3
7 14 1+4=5
8 16 1+6=7
9 18 1+8=9

All numbers have to be added together.
If the result is divisible by 10, your IMEI Number is correct.

What Can I Check with IMEI?

  • Brand, Model, IMEI, SN, Model
  • Refurbished, Activated, Purchase Date, Valid Purchase Date
  • Coverage End Date, Coverage Days Left
  • Technical Support Expiration Date, AppleCare Eligible
  • Loaner, Models, Storage, Color
  • Sim-Lock Status, Carrier & Sim-Lock Status
  • Sold-By & Coverage, Blacklist Status