Embarking on a workout with your Apple Watch is a fantastic way to stay fit and monitor your progress. But what do you do when it’s time to wrap things up and stop the workout tracking? In this quick guide, we’ll show you how to stop a workout on your Apple Watch, ensuring that your data is recorded accurately and you can move on with your day.

How to Stop a Workout on Apple Watch?

    1. During your workout, your Apple Watch’s display will show your exercise stats. To stop the workout, you’ll need to interact with this screen.
    2. On the workout stats screen, swipe right from left to right. This will reveal the End button.
    3. Once the End button is visible, tap on it to stop the workout tracking.
    4. The watch will ask you to confirm that you want to end the workout. Confirm by tapping End again.
    5. After ending the workout, you’ll have the option to either save or discard the workout data. Choose accordingly.


There you have it! You’ve successfully stopped a workout on your Apple Watch. Whether you’ve completed your fitness routine or need to pause and resume later, knowing how to stop workout tracking is essential. Stay tuned for more Apple Watch tips and tutorials on our channel to make the most of your fitness journey.