Hey, iPhone 15 Pro Max enthusiasts! Ready to elevate your photography game? Today, we’re unlocking the power of burst shots on your device. In just three steps, you’ll be capturing those unforgettable moments like a pro. Let’s jump in!

How to Use Burst Photos on iOS 17?

    1. Open your Camera app.
    2. Switch to Photo mode.
    3. Hold down the shutter button to capture burst shots.
    4. Release the button when done.
    5. That’s it, enjoy!


Ready to unleash the power of burst shots on your iPhone 15 Pro Max? These three simple steps will transform your photography game. Capture every fleeting moment with ease! Don’t miss out on becoming a pro at mobile photography. Hit that subscribe button, and let’s explore the endless possibilities together! Until next time, keep snapping those unforgettable moments.