We all have those moments we wish we could be able to remember for the longest period of time. With a camera roll, it becomes much easier to preserve such moments for the future. Besides, the iPhone camera roll makes this process so much more seamless. I bet you have a few photos you hold so dearly due to the way they remind you of certain events in your life. 

However, unfortunate events such as photos disappearing from iPhone storage can always turn the tables for us. I’m referring to such situations where you have lost all your photos and have nowhere to turn to. 

If you are reading this guide, you must have gone through such a worrying moment and want to find an easy way to salvage and avoid a repeat. In this article, we describe some of the fixes you can try on photos disappearing from camera roll. After reading this guide, you will be in a position to recover lost photos and even secure your iPhone from future disappearance of photos. 

Maybe you will need a pen and paper to take some notes. In addition to the fixes, we will also give you some of the reasons why photos disappear from the iPhone. Before this, you can read how to restore iPhone photos on your iPhone camera roll in case you urgently need to recover lost photos.  Photo recovery software can be very efficient when you choose the right tools. 

Why Photos Disappear from iPhone Camera Roll 

Photos disappearing from iPhone camera roll can be caused by several reasons. Some of the top causes include: 

  • iPhone photos accidentally deleted from the camera roll
  • iPhone photos hidden by in settings
  • iPhone has been restored from the wrong backup
  • Your iCloud photo sync is not working
  • iPhone photos disappeared after an upgrade 
  • iPhone photo stream has a problem

Also note that a combination of two or more factors could lead to iPhone photos disappearing completely. These problems can however be fixed. See next section for some of the most appropriate fixes to try before your photos disappear permanently. The faster you act, the safer. 

How to Fix Photos Disappeared from iPhone Camera Roll

Fix 1: Use Data Recovery Software 

Well, fixing disappearing photos should be taken very seriously especially if you do not know exactly what is causing it. That is why we place this on top of other possible fixes. 

The use of data recovery apps for iPhone, especially Disk Drill by CleverFiles is one of the surest ways to recover photos from iPhone camera roll. You can trust this method no matter the cause of disappearing messages. 

Disk Drill comes in two versions, Mac and Windows versions. you will therefore need to download the Windows version on your PC before you can proceed with this method. Once downloaded and installed, you will connect the iPhone to the PC then launch the software to scan the device for lost photos. This should take only a few minutes with Disk Drill’s quick scan or deep scan features. 

Fix 2: Check the Recently Deleted Album 

Well, you may have not known but the iPhone is built with a folder similar in nature with the Windows Recycle Bin. This folder, the recently deleted album, stores all your recently deleted photos only for a certain period.

If your photos were deleted accidentally, they will definitely be in there. We are not referring to photos permanently deleted accidentally using the “Shift + Delete” shortcut. These ones will not be available in the folder. 

Just to be sure, open and check the recently deleted album on your iPhone. You will find this on the Photos App. Scroll to locate your photos then recover them by the “Recover” button. This might be the quickest and easiest way out if your photos keep disappearing from iPhone camera roll especially due to accidental deletion. 

Fix 3: Restart iPhone

If you are yet to recover your iPhone photos, you could have lost them due to system errors. Some of your iPhone system errors can be easily corrected by restarting the device. Also, refreshing it can sometimes help. Refresh the phone then shut it and restart then check if your photos are now available.  

Fix 4: Unhide Photos 

Well, the iPhone currently implements a number of security settings that can easily stun you. The hide photos feature is a setting that helps you hide the photos that you do not want to show to the people you share your phone with. You could have implemented this feature and cannot recall when. Still, your other phone users who can easily locate this setting can also activate it without your knowledge. 

Good news, it is just a setting you can easily activate and deactivate. Go to the Photos app and locate the “Hidden” folder. If you find some photos therein, tap the “unhide” button to restore access to them. The photos will then be available in the original album where you can access them from. 

Fix 5: Find the Photos with iTunes

One of the most trustable ways to counter the photos disappearing from iPhone camera roll is to back them up. There are many ways one can backup iPhone photos. One of them is the use of iTunes. 

If you are sure, you initiated iTunes backup before your photos disappeared then you will be able to recover them easily from iTunes. Begin by launching iTunes on PC before connecting your phone. Then, locate the “Summary” icon and hit the “Restore backup” icon on the right panel. Select the photos to restore and restore them to your local album. 

Fix 6: Check iCloud Photo Library 

Having a one way to access all your photos across all devices can be so good. iCloud gives you just that. If you have an active iCloud photo library, you will be able to recover all the disappeared photos. Remember, it must have been active on your iPhone, otherwise, forget about it for now.

Open settings, enter your name and follow the prompts to turn on iCloud Photo library.  The iCloud Photo library will now replace the iPhone camera roll and you can restore the disappeared photos from it. 


These methods will help you recover disappeared photos. However, we recommend using photo recovery apps as a quick fix to avoid wasting time and even losing more photos. All the best!