Hey there, tech enthusiasts! , we’ve got a practical guide that’ll have your iPhone looking fresh and fantastic in no time. Join us as we show you how to delete wallpapers on your beloved iPhone! Just remember, the presented feature is available from iOS 16.

How to Delete Wallpaper on iOS16?

    1. Lock the Screen of your iPhone.
    2. Tap and hold it.
    3. Provide your Passcode or Face ID.
    4. You will notice the Wallpaper panel.
    5. Select the Wallpaper that you want to remove and slide up.
    6. Click on the Bin icon, and confirm.
    7. That’s it!


In our digital world, personalization is key, and your iPhone’s wallpaper is a canvas for your individuality. But what happens when you’re ready for a change? Fear not, because we’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ll walk you through the steps to delete wallpaper on your iPhone, making way for a fresh new look. Whether you’re an iOS enthusiast or a tech newbie, our concise guide will empower you to navigate your device with ease. Let’s dive in and learn the art of wallpaper deletion, transforming your iPhone experience like a pro.