Smart homes and being sustainable might seem like an oxymoron. We have seen people talking about the irony technology holds. People who generally talk about suitability or environment-friendly lifestyle bash technology. They even say that technology has ruined our lives and if you get to minus technology, the plant will heal. To some extent, this might be true considering almost all digital platforms, tech-based equipment, and tools have an environmental impact. Even the use of social media or cryptocurrency also has a carbon footprint.

If you look at the conventional electric system, you will notice that they are anything but eco-friendly. They heat up very often, they are poorly designed, have high maintenance costs and they need an upgrade very often. This urged the tech guru to come up with devices that have improved design, limited carbon emission and have minimum to low carbon footprint. These innovations are helping in bringing the pro-sustainability and pro-innovation forces together.  With the help of smart technology and smart systems, various innovative devices have been designed that are not just energy efficient but also help in sustainable living and making the planet green again.

To run these smart devices you need a good enough internet connection. Most people complain that since smart home appliances fetch data in real-time, they struggle to find a good enough internet connection that enables them to enjoy a sustainable lifestyle without affecting their budget. If you are also struggling with it, we would recommend Optimum Altice. With optimum, you get the best speed, seamless connectivity, and full home Wi-Fi coverage that keeps your devices connected and working at all times. The best thing about Optimum is the combination bundles that allow you to subscribe to both cable TV and the internet package of your choice.

Smart Devices to Improve Carbon Footprint

Now that you know about the internet service provider for the smart home, it is time to choose the smart devices that will help you minimize the carbon footprint and contribute to a sustainable lifestyle.

Smart Thermostats

To kick off our list, we have a smart thermostat. With the help of a smart thermostat, you get to choose an energy-efficient way to keep your space warm and cozy. The smart thermostat will remember the schedule of the residents and adjust the on and off time based on consumption patterns. Eventually, this will help you enjoy a controlled temperature without wasting energy. Apart from this, these smart thermosets come fitted with motion sensors, which help in actively adjusting the temperature in rooms where residents are present. The upgraded version of these sensors further adjusts the temperature based on the number of people in each room. For single-house residents, this smart temperature can help significantly lowering monthly energy consumption.

Smart Composters

Just when you thought tech can only add to waste, sustainable tech gurus introduced smart composters. With a smart composter, you get to keep your plants alive with minimum investment in fertilizers. The best thing about this device is that it will help you enjoy organic homegrown food with minimum effort. The smart composter can help in treating organic waste and converting it into fertilizer. The composter bin detects the level of waste and amount of moisture. Through automated design, the composter converts the disposed organic waste into fertilizer to be used for plants.

Water Sprinklers

A house without a garden is just like a man without eyes but we all know watering plants is such a hassle. Most people leave the sprinklers on while others keep their water hose on regardless of the time. With water being such a scarce source, most people are rethinking the idea of home gardens. However, with the use of water sprinklers, you will get to choose a fun way to keep your plants alive. Just with the help of a set schedule, you can ensure that your plants stay alive even when you are not home. This helps reduce water wastage and water bill and keeps the planet green.

Smart Plugs

To end our list, we have smart plugs. Imagine never leaving your seat and turning off devices with just a few clicks. This can significantly lower the bill as well as help you keep the devices in your home in check. Even if you are sitting in your office or just laying around, you can easily turn off lights anywhere. The best thing about these smart plugs is that it reduces the chance of an accident i.e. short circuit. If you have left the TV on or you the thought of the stove left on is bothering you, you can simply double-check via phone. Although most people think that smart plugs are meant just for charging electronic devices, they can also help in bringing down the energy bill and ensuring the consumption of less energy.

How Smart Technology Is Helping In Carbon Footprint Reduction?

There are so many different ways smart tech is contributing to a sustainable lifestyle. Here are the top five ways to consider before investing in smart tech.

    • Smart home technology helps in saving energy and preserving resources.
    • Smart home tech is helping in moving towards Paper Free world, which will help in keeping the world green.
    • Smart meters are helping in cutting down the less efficient devices that consume more energy.
    • Smart plugs help in reducing the chance of accidents making sure there is no short circuit.
    • Smart devices are helping in saving energy, resources, and money. 

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, a combination of tech with sustainability is helping in building a safer world where we can enjoy a comfortable life without feeling the guilt of polluting the world.