Not many people that own products by Apple Inc. actually know that the company has always been one of the first to implement unique educational offerings. Without a doubt, this luxury brand has been associated with high-quality components and durability for decades, yet it’s not only about excellent hardware! The company is also famous for its educational opportunities. It’s not surprising that numerous colleges worldwide recommend Apple products for learning purposes. Offering innovative learning tools for students, the masterminds behind the corporation have made it possible to use one of the best software solutions that can be suitable for anyone from K-12 level learners to professional college filmmakers, musicians, and engineers.

Not many people that own products by Apple Inc. actually know that the company has always been one of the first to implement unique educational offerings
  • Apple Education Pro Apps Bundle. 
    If you qualify as a college student, an educator, or belong to an educational institution, you can receive five excellent solutions. These include Logic Pro and MainStage, which are ideal for sound engineering, arts, audio recordings, and music production (an industry standard). You can also get creative with Final Cut Pro, Motion, and the famous Compressor app. Now, if you need to add some text or edit your written content, you can approach TopEssayWriting as a wonderful solution for all your learning needs that will work well with your Apple products. Talking to an expert, mention the apps you wish to implement to ensure you get the best of both worlds. 
  • Apple K-12 Learning.
    The most famous of Apple’s offerings for K-12 students is iPad, with all the accessibility features. Getting up to 10 hours of battery life, most students will be able to cope with the learning objectives without having to stop or change things. As an inspiring young learner, one can use Pages, Numbers, and Keynote to address the needs of modern tasks. Creative youngsters can use the free Garage Band and iMovie to create videos and interactive podcasts. The support of apps like Schoolwork and Classroom keeps the sensitive data safe and makes learning personalized, which is an important feature to consider for special classes.
  • Apple Education Store.
    It is one of the most innovative solutions offered by Apple and is aimed at currently active or newly enrolled students. Once you pass the easy verification process and confirm that you belong to students, teachers, or staff members at some educational institution, you can receive huge discounts and complete support for your Apple products. While getting special prices and discounts is the main idea here, it’s the community that makes it unique, as you can receive reviews, helpful tips, and recommendations.
  • Back to School Promotions.
    These always differ and offer unique campaigns from time to time. If you are a school or a college student, you can receive free AirPods or Beats headphones. Some free gift cards and iTunes subscriptions are also possible for those eligible for the Back to School campaigns. Depending on the learning tools by Apple that you already have, you may receive additional discounts and special offers in terms of scholarships and other types of financial help. If you are not sure about your eligibility, feel free to ask Apple Support or talk to your academic advisor directly. Most definitely, there’s something in it for you!

Addressing Special Needs Students

Apple products have always addressed the challenges of students with special needs by offering the best and safe ways to learn. The voiceover feature is worth checking as it provides high accuracy and various dictation speeds. It also helps to work with visually-impaired learners or those who face the challenges of dyslexia. In addition to that, the use of assistive touch systems and eye-tracking support features addresses the unique needs of learners with various traumas and conditions like cerebral palsy. Moreover, the majority of software on offer works well with all these aspects, so it’s possible to use the best offerings!


Josh Garner loves the attitude behind Apple Inc. and their focus on addressing every learner’s needs. As an educator and technology specialist, he seeks innovative learning solutions to take things to another level. Follow Josh to discover new things about your Apple product and make your studies fun.