Memoji stickers have become incredibly popular among iOS users, and with the release of iOS 16, Apple has introduced a new way to allow Memoji stickers to be used in even more ways. Memoji stickers are animated, customizable emojis that can be used in iMessage, as well as other messaging and social media apps. In this article, we’ll go over how to allow Memoji stickers on iOS 16.

How to Activate Memoji Stickers on iOS 16?


    1. First of all, open Settings.
    2. Then, go to General.
    3. Find and select Keyboard.
    4. Scroll down and under Memoji, toggle Memoji Stickers

Allowing Memoji Stickers on iOS 16 – Summary

In conclusion, allowing Memoji stickers on iOS 16 is a simple process. By updating your iPhone to the latest version of iOS, creating a Memoji, and enabling Memoji stickers for use in other apps, you can enjoy using these fun and expressive stickers in even more ways. So go ahead and start using Memoji stickers to add some personality to your messages!