Technology plays such a significant role in our day-to-day lives that it’s no surprise that the fitness industry has digitized, too. Staying fit and healthy is a top priority for many individuals, but it can be harder to navigate due to our fast-paced lives. With limited accessibility to gyms and trainers, on top of busy schedules, it can be challenging to sustain and achieve fitness goals. To combat this, fitness apps have hit the tech scene as some of the most powerful tools to support our health and fitness journeys. 

FitCoach shines among the mass of fitness apps due to its comprehensive features aimed to revolutionize the way we tackle health. The app is designed specifically to cater to individual goals and dietary needs with personalized fitness plans and progress tracking, nutrition guides, and a supportive community. FitCoach wants to empower users to reach their goals by making fitness and nutrition accessible and realistically achievable for everyone.

What to Know about the FitCoach App

As one of the most downloaded fitness coaching apps, FitCoach has a rapidly growing user base. Its popularity and raving reviews prove it to be an effective and worthwhile app to consider for your fitness goals. 

The app’s creators are leading experts in the health and wellness industry and possess significant fitness experience. As certified personal trainers and nutritionists, FitCoach founders have applied their expertise throughout their coaching app’s great features. Their primary goal is to give users access to the necessary tools to help them achieve a sustainable, healthier lifestyle long term. 

Is FitCoach Too Good to be True?

As with any product or service, there’s always a likelihood of negative reviews or unhappy users. While FitCoach does have some cons for certain users, it’s still highly rated as a beneficial product for most people. is legitimate and has helped many people reach their fitness goals at home, despite mixed or negative reviews. 

Developed by Welltech Apps Limited, FitCoach was created in 2018 in Deventer, Netherlands, by co-founders Dries Schulten and Elena Fuentes Bongenaar. With thousands of monthly users, the website is safe and secure with no malware or phishing intentions. This means your contact and payment information is secure and private. The site also uses an external review system, which helps affirm the legitimacy of user reviews. 

FitCoach App Features 

The app provides users with personalized coaching, individualized health goals, and dietary needs based on desired preferences. After completing a quick survey, users can begin their optimized workouts with confidence, no matter their experience level. 

FitCoach offers a range of features:

  • Personalized Fitness Plans
  • Nutrition Guide
  • Accountability and Progress Tracking
  • Supportive Community
  • User and Budget Friendly

Personalized Fitness Plans

What truly sets FitCoach apart from competitors is the way its technology generates personalized fitness plans. These unique plans are based on weight, age, fitness level, and desired outcomes such as fat loss, muscle build or increased flexibility, or cardiovascular health. 

There’s a wide range of exercises, from strength training to cardio, yoga, and more. Each workout has detailed instructional videos to support users with proper form and technique. Users can even adapt workout plans and track their progress. These features help people stay motivated and engaged with their fitness routines, which helps promote a more sustainable health journey. 

Nutrition Guide

Getting healthy and fit isn’t just about working out–it’s also vital to eat a healthy and nutritious diet. FitCoach offers comprehensive guidance regarding nutrition to help users make the best food choices. This guidance is also individually tailored to meet dietary preferences, caloric intake requirements, and food allergies. 

Meal planning is made easy with a database of meal ideas and recipes, including nutritional information for each food or dish. Users can also log their food and water intakes, as well as chart their macronutrient distribution. The goal of this feature is to help users recognize their eating habits and where to make changes for improvement and help reinforce mindful food consumption. 

Accountability and Progress Tracking

Most people fail in their wellness journeys because it is difficult to stay motivated and accountable. By offering a built-in progress tracking system, users can record factors such as weight and body measurements, workouts, meals, and more. Best yet, FitCoach takes these inputs and displays them through graphs and other visualizations to serve as a powerful motivator to reach your goals. The app can also send reminders and notifications, helping users remain consistent with their fitness and nutritional goals through goal setting and milestones. 

Supportive Community 

FitCoach acknowledges that having a support system is important to stay on track with reaching fitness and nutrition goals. It aims to foster this supportive environment by providing a community for users to share their progress and struggles. The app’s social features can help further accountability, cultivate an environment where users are inspired and encouraged by other users and fitness professionals, and allow for the exchange of ideas and tips. FitCoach also cultivates challenges for users to engage in friendly competition and share their achievements. 

User and Budget Friendly

An intuitive and user-friendly interface makes FitCoach accessible to users of all fitness levels. It’s easy for users to navigate through workouts and nutrition plans and track their progress through the seamless integration of these features. FitCoach app also ensures users have access to the latest fitness routines and nutritional information by consistently updating its content and features. 

With a range of subscription options, FitCoach can provide fitness and nutrition support for any budget size. Options include a monthly subscription at $19.99 per month, three months at $13.33 per month, or billed annually as low as $5.00 a month, and works for both Android and iOS devices. 

Reach Your Fitness Goals with the Fit Coach App 

It’s easy to recognize why so many users choose the FitCoach app as their favorite personal training and nutrition companion. With the personalization of individual needs, preferences, and health goals to a supportive community of peers and professionals, the FitCoach app empowers users through every phase of their wellness journeys. No matter if you’re a beginner or an expert, provides the tools and support needed to build and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Through the power of technology and built by experts, the FitCoach app is your trusted accountability partner as you reach your optimal fitness and nutritional goals.